• attractive boy: hi i'm famous
  • attractive boy: hi i'm gay
  • attractive boy: hi i'm a douchebag
  • attractive boy: hi i'm twice your age
  • attractive boy: hi i have a girlfriend
  • attractive boy: hi i don't like you back
  • attractive boy: hi i live on the other side of the planet
  • attractive boy: hi i don't know that you exist
  • attractive boy: hi i'm a fictional character
  • attractive boy: hi i'm an animated character
what tv series do u watch?

omg the list is endless :D

but okay let me start

supernatural, suits, my mad fat diary, the vampire diaries, the carrie diaries, glee, 90210, shameless us, pretty little liars, two and a half men, grimm, teen wolf, american horror story, modern family, beauty and the beast, saving hope, misfits, skins  ..oh my god these are all i can think of rn but im pretty sure i missed some

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“Heart Attack”  ”On Air With Ryan Seacrest” World Premirere (HQ)



Cutest moment in the video of TMH tour’s  Undercover Interlude.

  • normal people: I like everyone unless you give me a reason not to
  • me: i hate everyone unless you give me a reason not to